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VMO Electrical is so named for Vladimir's full Spanish name, Vladimir Munoz Ortega.  He is from Santiago, Chile, and there (as well as several years in Barcelona) he gained practical experience in all aspects of the construction/ general contracting trade.  But his specialty trade is as a Master Electrician, a talent and interest long-begun and cultivated under the tutelage of his father while he was a schoolboy aged only seven. 


After already working professionally approximately 20 years in electricity, "Vladi" went to University in Santiago, INACAP, where he formalized his knowledge base and studied the specialty of Industrial Electrics/ Installations.  More rigorous than in the States where a mere 2 year Associate degree is granted to those desiring the Electrician title, Vladimir's degree reflects almost four years of in-depth study, advanced mathematics and full project simulations before graduation.  


Just after graduation, in September 2017, Vladi successfully passed the rigorous standardized test to be granted a Class B licensure in Chile... that which, with his course of study, is one level beneath only Electrical Engineer and actually enabled him to complete Inspections in Spain and Chile as well.  Vladimir has an interest in LED and other efficient energy systems, and has pursued independent studies of Solar Electricity, the latter which he may pursue further in Pittsburgh while working professionally.

Vladimir is a member of and registered with the NFCPA (Natl. Fire Code Protection Agency) who establish the code which all U.S. certified electricians must master. Indeed, granted accommodation in the testing to simply be able to translate language, Vladimir successfully passed in English and was certified on the current 2020 National Electric Code from the very source who write it.  He is also a member of the ICC (International Code Council).  Vladimir is a registered electrician with the state of Pennsylvania since 2018: PA-6808196.  VMO Electrical is Fully Insured through Grange Commercial/ Trade Professional Insurance.

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Lisa Miles is Vladimir's wife and partner at VMO, working the administrative end of the business.  She is a long-time resident of the Perry Hilltop community, where they make their home and where Vladimir feels an integral part of the broader North Side neighborhood.

Vladimir has received his green card; he is proudly a Permanent Resident of the United States.

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"Technician of Superior Level in Industrial Electricity, with a mention/specialization in Electrical Installations.  Meets the requirements established by the Superintendent of Electricity and Fuel (SEC) to access the Licensed Authorized Electric Installer Class B according to national regulations."-- Renewed June 2022

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A senior project at University, the design for a high-rise building, aggregating light systems, cable tv, internet, internal phone system and powered alarm system:

Senior project at University designing systems of illumination for a restaurant:

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