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Testimonials & References

"Vlad and Lisa from VMO helped us last week, on an emergency Saturday call.  His work is fantastic, very fair pricing, and they are great people.  You won’t regret it.

Ashley Biega, Mexican War Streets

VMO is doing a bunch of work for us and are so easy to work with in terms of budget and scheduling. Vladimir is a licensed electrician and his wife Lisa does his scheduling."

Allison & Taylor Fong, Brightwood

“I recently had brick pointing work done on my house by VMO General Contracting - great experience!  Vladimir is efficient and hard-working, and extremely reliable.  He was punctual and trustworthy. Also very reasonable pricing. i'm extremely happy with the results and will be calling them for any home repairs in the future. "
Juliet & Joel Martinez, Observatory Hill 
“Switched out a ceiling fan, hung a chandelier, and installed lights above fireplace... He was diligent, precise, proficient, steady, affordable..."

Kim and Mike Cruse, Summer Hill

"Vladimir did a great job with what was originally a wallpaper stripping job, so then we asked if he would be agreeable to paint the room...  

Absolutely trustworthy, he came and went on his own at the house to finish up the required coats of paint over a few days (and as I needed to be out of the house).  He worked hard for essentially small compensation. The dining room looked amazing afterward… I talked to him about future electric work, showing him some antique fixtures I wanted put up in our old house. Vladimir studied the existing walls and circuitry and told me what would be required. He even polished up the fixtures for us.  He later completed this work for us; it was awesome.  My wife and I loved the result.

Brandon Stump, Observatory Hill

“Vladimir is an intelligent, multi-talented and enthusiastic person, always gracious and helpful.  He assisted me with some electrical concerns in my home, as well as with some of the intricate, tedious work of hanging artwork at La Palapa Gallery."

Lisa DiGioia Nutini, Squirrel Hill

“My husband Tom and I have had the need for help at our new house and I asked Vladimir if he could diagnose some problematic basement electrical concerns... He offered good counsel for future electrical work and even assisted with "handyman" tasks that day.  We have recommended him to neighbors, who it appears also appreciate his skill and expertise.  We are glad to have him here as a valuable addition to our neighborhood."

Janet Gunter, Perry Hilltop

“His estimate numbers looked good to us [for moving existing outlets and lights, and design and creation of new basement electrical installations.] There were two other upstairs electrical "issues" we were dealing, as well, that we were then hoping that Vlad would take a look at if he had the chance (ceiling fan, troubleshooting a dimmer switch)..."  Afterward:  "We are very happy with the work that has been done."  

Terra & Chris Ferderber, Fineview

"I am totally thrilled with the work Vlad has done, and it has been nothing but a pleasure working with both of you!" -- Michelle Swetoha, Brightwood [LEDs, Ceiling Fan, troubleshooting wiring]
"Another excellent job, thank you both for your outstanding service! I'm so pleased with being able to complete this small project!" ~ C. Trout, Brightwood
New Porch Light for Fineview Inn:
Making customers happy w/the latest modern technology & creative link-ins to existing automaton systems...
Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 7.15.41 PM.png
      It was a great experience working with VMO. Thank you for being so thorough. When I need electrical work in the future, I will be sure to contact you. -- Una Davoren, Brighton Heights (troubleshooting & installing outlets; repairing wiring throughout house)

Tearing up old flooring in a house with water damage from broken pipe  (Observatory Hill)

  Reserve Township old home --           adding outside motion lights
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